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This Single is Mahogani’s Newest Release, and ever since hitting streaming platforms it has been a rave amongst listeners. “LMSG”, is an acronym that stands for “Love Me So Good”, and it will definitely have you in your feelings. The track brings a nostalgic 90’s vibes to the listeners ears and you’ll be left with no choice but to add it to your favorite playlist or leave it on repeat!



With the release of Mahogani’s Debut Ep Album, she plans on filling her fans and listeners with fresh new music for their souls. The Ep features pop songs such as “Revenge” that makes you want to dance until your feet hurt so that you forget that guy who did you wrong, or “Break Up” that brings you back to the classic R&B and makes you sing along to the lyrics, or even “I Can’t Get Over You” which makes you fall in love even when your not, this Debut Ep Album will have a song set for all music lovers.